Neuens Mitchell Bonds pllc

Firm Foundation

Neuens Mitchell Bonds pllc is a Tulsa-based, regional law firm with highly experienced lawyers in a number of different disciplines.  Neuens Mitchell Bonds pllc provides its clients with specialized expertise, business counsel and legal services, efficiently coordinated to deliver cost-effective results.  The Firm’s lawyers practice law with a passion for excellence.

What is Important to the Firm

Members of our Firm provide clients with a broad range of expertise and service. Our attorneys are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. We approach our professional work with a distinguishable sense of purpose and effort. Our clients receive dedicated representation that includes engagement staffing reflective of our commitment to service. We strive to be recognized by each client as their business counselor, not just their lawyer. It is a reflection of our attitude and professional commitment. This approach has enabled us to achieve cost-effective results. We seek in each client engagement to identify business solutions, to employ the art of effective negotiation, and to be recognized as a solution provider.

Members of our Firm have earned the recognition among our clients and peers as skillful and confident litigators. We believe that our effectiveness as business counselors is reinforced by our exposure to a broad scope of legal services, including litigation. Our experience in resolving adversarial matters enhances the effectiveness of the business and transactional services provided to clients.

We understand that clients hire lawyers, not law firms. It is the goal of members of Neuens Mitchell Bonds to provide extraordinary service, demonstrate good judgment, and deliver effective representation. Importantly, our commitment to service and excellence is reflected in the degree of client loyalty we are privileged to enjoy and strive to maintain. We understand that, ultimately, we are judged by the results we achieve for our clients.